Valheim v0.213.300 patch notes

Valheim v0.213.300 patch notes
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Valheim has pushed through a set of fixes for its latest version, 0.214.300. While many people love the early access game so far, there are definitely more areas to fix up and expand before it hits its full release later on.

One of the biggest fixes is focused on fixing the differences in heightmaps between PC and Xbox players. This would cause players on the different platforms to see others either floating in the sky or walking underground. Unfortunately, the fix for this has made it so that if any Xbox players made a building that goes into the ground, it will fall apart. This was a necessary thing to take on so that future problems wouldn’t arise.

Xbox players should also expect a fix coming in the next patch to address your world resetting to the first day after it reaches a certain size.

Valheim v0.213.300 patch notes on PC

Here are the patch changes for Valheim outlined in the patch notes:

  • Engine updated to unity version 2020.03.45
  • Fixed an issue where the scrolling was slow and inverted on Linux
  • Fixed performance issues in the main menu
  • Fixed some special characters appearing as squares, and symbols should look more like they did before
  • Hovertext and text input on signs should now be displayed correctly and can use \t and \n symbols
  • Left-handed mouses should now work properly again
  • Manual saves no longer cause you to respawn where you saved and can be called to a dedicated server if you are on the admin list
  • Settings for keybindings should now be saved correctly
  • “Swap Triggers” has been added to control options to fix a potential issue for PlayStation controllers
  • Text on signs should now be lit correctly and no lower glow
  • Various UI & text fixes that were being displayed incorrectly

Valheim v0.213.300 patch notes on Xbox

The above fixes should apply to both current versions, with the below ones being exclusive to Xbox:

  • Added graphic setting “Balanced Mode” with 40 FPS and 1440p on Series X and 900p on Series S
  • Heightmap differences between Xbox and PC have been fixed
  • Right stick now only controls the character rotation in the character screen
  • The right analog stick no longer has double functionality in the character creation menu

As you can see, the latest patch isn’t necessarily earth-shattering big, but it makes some key quality of life changes to improve your Valheim experience. Be sure to update the game and rebuild any buildings affected by the heightmap change.