An official Skyrim map app for iPhone and iPad has been released by Prima Guides.

It is only available on the US App Store.

The vanilla version of the app comes with a map of Skyrim and each of its nine holds. That's not entirely useful, mind you, because everyone already knows where Whiterun is.

Doll out increments of $0.99, however, and you can light up your interactive map with (according to Bethblog) over 160 interior maps, 350 primary locations, 200 secondary locations and 1,000 points of interest.

The map zooms to a whopping 3200%, and users can drop pins on their own custom points of interest.

Things I've learnt from looking at this map? Boy, Skyrim sure is big.

Todd Howard said yesterday that Skyrim's DLC will have "more meat" in it than Fallout 3's.