House House’s Untitled Goose Game will be coming to Xbox One on December 17 (via GamePur).

The developer had been modest about the prospect of a release on the Xbox and PlayStation, expressing hope that it would eventually be possible. House House is a tiny team of pals who happened to work well together as a studio, and when a trailer for the game went viral, they knew they were onto a winner. American publisher Panic stepped in to help manage the game’s development and Epic Games offered an exclusivity arrangement that would assuage financial worries. 

We thought Untitled Goose Game was like “feathery Hitman”, and we weren’t alone in our adoration and admiration for the foul fowl. Now, the hijinks will take hold on a new platform as House House has confirmed that the game will come to Xbox One on December 17. It has got 25 achievements to unlock, and will be Xbox One X enhanced with 4K Ultra HD resolutions. Untitled Goose Game was designed to appeal to a “non-gamer audience”, and who could resist comedic misdirection, exaggerated stealth sections, and you're also a goose? It’ll be a top pick for the holiday season.

Untitled Goose Game is out now for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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