Imogen Donovan by on Jan 2, 2020

Untitled Goose Game has sold over one million copies since its release

Untitled Goose Game has surpassed over one million copies sold in only three months, as revealed by publisher Panic (via MCV Develop).

Untitled Goose Game soared to the number one spot on the Australian Nintendo Switch charts only days after its launch in September 2019, and the question of a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One port was posed. House House couldn’t possibly say, but PlayStation and Xbox could, revealing that the wreck ‘em up would come to the respective platforms in mid-December of last year. The more the merrier!

It was one of our top ten games of 2019, and Josh and Colm talked about the joys and wonders of being Hitman, but a goose, in our review. Check it out below.



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Untitled Goose Game

on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release Date:

01 January 2019