Rockstar Games has added a Battle Royale mode to Red Dead Online called Make It Count, according to dataminers who have been poking around in the upcoming Wild West multiplayer suite (via VG247).

Make It Count sees 32 players duking it out with limited weapons in the midst of a shrinking circle. Maps confirmed so far include Strawberry, Stillwater Creek, and Tall  Trees, while weapons include a bow & arrow and throwing knives.

There's also a regular Team Deathmatch-style offering in the shape of Team Shootout, while Name Your Weapon is a free-for-all mode featuring a set list of weapons. 

Intriguingly, Red Dead Online also supports a campaign that features a moral system where your choices will affect your Honor, much like the single-player offering. For the most part, it seems you will be doing the bidding of a chap named Horley.

Red Dead Online's beta launches today, but only for those who forked out for the Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition. It'll then be rolled out for other players throughout the rest of the week.

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