An unnamed Xbox One launch title had its audio redone after being deemed not up to standard by the Microsoft Studios audio team, reports Develop.

"We did the full lobotomy," Microsoft Studios audio director Paul Lipson told the audience at Game Music Connect in London.

Lipson didn't reveal the identity of the game, but Develop says he emphasised that Microsoft was forced to take over in order to ensure the audio was up to scratch.

Much of Lipson's work involves hiring and managing teams of sound experts to work with Microsoft's first-party studios and external third-party studios.

If a studio's audio team is assessed to be unable to meet Microsoft's standards a team of 15 audio experts will be sent in.

Xbox One launches November 22 priced £429.

If the game was either from first-party or from a studio partnering with Microsoft it could be one of only four launch titles: Ryse, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3 and Zoo Tycoon.

Source: Develop