This year marks the fifth anniversary of Toby Fox's brilliant subversive RPG Undertale, and to celebrate the developer has offered a long-awaited update on the progress of his follow up game, Deltarune which saw Chapter One released on PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch back in 2018.

Writing in an update blog post on the Undertale website, Fox expressed his gratitude to the Undertale and Deltarune fans for the support he's recieved as a result of the game and on his continued work on the follow-up. He revealed that since releasing the first Chapter of Deltarune, the game is now much more complex and harder to make than Undertale and has posed significant challenges for the sole developer.

However, a few months ago he completed a "significant milestone" in the game's design, and has a clear vision for the flow, major battles and events of the game. He started looking for alternatives to Deltrarune Chapter 1's GameMaker engine to continue development in early 2019, but decided to go back to GameMaker for Chapter 2 in May earlier this year. Furthermore, Fox believes he and his team can "complete this chapter, content-wise, before the end of the year (not accounting for translation, bugtesting, and porting)."

And he says team because he's expanded the development team for Deltarune Chapter 2, confirming that three other team members are now on board to help him, especially as he found his wrist and hand disabilities making development a little tougher (Fox hopes that once the global situation improves to seek surgery for his ailments to repair his wrist). Toby also mentions in the post how he's seeking a few more developers to help join him in completing Deltarune Chapter Two and the subsequent Chapters. If you're curious, you can find a list of requirements on the blog post and he'll be taking submissions until the end of September.

There's no specific timetable for Deltarune Chapter Two's release or platforms yet, but Fox closed the post by wishing all the Undertale and Deltarune fans a happy five years.


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