Toby Fox has managed to get Twitter buzzing this afternoon with the release of Deltarune, a mysterious downloadable game that's now available free to PC owners. Problem is, no one really knows what it's all about; is it a sequel to Undertale, or a prototype for something new?

It's worth noting that Deltarune is an anagram of Undertale, which obviously isn't just a coincidence. Fox yesterday teased that fans should keep an eye out for something new today however, and sure enough, he wasn't lying.

We've been plugging away at Deltarune for about 45 minutes now, and it's quite fun and definitely gives off an Undertale vibe. However, it's more vibrant, and boasts an expanded battle system to boot among other features. 

Could we actually be playing Undertale 2? We don't know for certain, and it seems no one else does right now, either. 

Rest assured as soon as we figure out what this is all about, we'll report back.

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