Naughty Dog's highly anticipated PlayStation 3 sequel, Uncharted 3, is expected to be have a video debut at Spike's Video Game Awards on December 11. That's according to information passed on to Kotaku.

Not only that, but Kotaku believes a Sony "exclusive PlayStation 3 reveal" event set for December 12 in Hollywood will provide press with an extended look at the game.

Uncharted 2 made its debut at the 2008 VGAs and was released 11 months later in October 2009. A video debut for the third game in the series next month would suggest we're looking at October 2011 launch.

Although unconfirmed, the development of a third game has been rumoured to be ongoing for some time.

Back in November 2009, Nathan Drake voice Actor Nolan North said a third game was a certainty.

"Well I know we're going to be assured a third one," he told Official PlayStation magazine. "That would just be financially irresponsible, not to do a third one."

Uncharted 2 went on to sell 3.8 million copies as of October 2010.