UKIE has launched the PC Download Chart, a new chart that draws data from a number of publishers, developers and digital retailers to reveal the top-selling digital titles.

The PC Download Chart will initially be released on a monthly basis, before moving to a weekly format released alongside the traditional UKIE Top 40 Video Games Chart. The chart collates the number of digital units sold and the total revenue earned, with an additional chart tracking the top-performing expansion packs & DLC.

Digital sales are not traditionally accounted for in the UKIE Top 40 Video Games Chart.

The first charts, published today, reveal that BioShock Infinite was the top-selling digital PC title of March 2013, but that SimCity drew in the most revenue - presumably owing to its higher average price on Origin.

When combined with boxed sales, however, SimCity was the top-selling PC title for March.

"As an industry, we need to measure the true size of the digital games market and that's why we have invested in this system for the industry to own," said Jo Twist, CEO of UKIE. "Companies that are involved are already getting a competitive advantage, using the data to make informed and fact based commercial decisions."

UK Industry Digital Charts March 2013 - PC Digital Game Sales (Units):

1. BioShock Infinite

2. SimCity

3. Tomb Raider

4. Battlefield 3

5. The Sims 3: University Life

6. Just Cause 2

7. Hitman Absolution

8. Far Cry 3

9. Football Manager 2013

10. Trials Evolution Gold

Source: UKIE Press Release