Sales figures for Nintendo's 3DS and Sony's PS Vita have been revealed by Chart Track (via Pocket Gamer). The figures reveal that neither handheld is doing as well as their predecessors.

The 3DS is currently at 950,000 units after 61 weeks on sale. The DS managed to break the one million mark after 51 weeks. The DS did sell at a significantly lower price than the 3DS did during its initial weeks on sale.

While the 3DS isn't doing brilliantly in comparison to the DS, Sony's PS Vita is hardly a shining example of handheld sales in the UK either. According to Chart Track the system has only managed a third of the sales the PSP managed in the same time period.

Are you interested in buying either handheld? What would it take for you to buy one or are you no longer interested in dedicated gaming handhelds now smartphones are on the market?