by on Nov 16, 2017

Ubisoft’s new Berlin studio will start off by working on the Far Cry series

You may remember earlier this year when Alice reported on Ubisoft opening two new studios in Europe, with one of them being in Berlin working on ‘an unannounced project from within one of Ubisoft’s most popular AAA franchises.’ Today, Ubisoft Blue Byte has revealed that the franchise in question will be Far Cry.

Making the announcement on Twitter, Ubisoft Blue Byte also revealed the studio, named Ubisoft Berlin, will commence work in early 2018 and be headed up by manager Istvan Tajnay.

There’s no word on if they’ll be helping out on Far Cry 5, or an entirely new game in the series at the present time. It’s worth noting that Far Cry 5 wasn’t announced until after the original announcement of the formation of the studio was made, but on the other hand, with the game’s February release date doesn’t feel like it’ll give the new studio much time to work on that title – although they could of course be working on DLC or post-launch support.

Undoubtedly, we’ll be hearing more in the coming months.


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Far Cry 5

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