Ubisoft Montpellier has said that it would "love to address" co-op in a ZombiU sequel, revealing that it once considered adding the feature to the original game, but "ruled it out" over fears that it "could not deliver it on time".

"How to bring a cooperative experience and still keep fear and tension is a question we would love to address," the game's producer Guillaume Brunier told Nintendo World Report, revealing early ideas as to how it would do it.

"In our most exciting dreams, we would like to create an online experience where players never quite know where they stand between coop and player vs. player.

"Doubt is a great nest for tension and fear."

As well as discussing co-op, Brunier also admitted that there were elements of the original that his team should have left out, including "the tapping gameplays to nail barricades or open manholes".

Such missteps may have led to some of the low-scoring early reviews, something Brunier admits that he was "disappointed" to see.

"Everyone can have their opinion," he continued, "we respect that, but we would be lying if we said we were happy after the early reviews. I think it was only natural to feel somehow disappointed at that moment."

ZombiU is out now on Wii U.

Source: Nintendo World Report

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