Ubisoft likes the Wii U and its second screen, and remains a supporter of the platform, senior vice president of sales and marketing Tony Key has told IGN.

"As a company, we like the Wii U," said Key. "We really believe that the second screen can add a new dimension to gaming. We're still big supporters of that system. We have just as many games coming out on Wii U this year as we did at launch. So we like the second screen. We think there are opportunities with all these games to extend them - to another person, to another location. We're taking it very seriously."

Sadly for Nintendo and Wii U, Ubisoft is bringing these second-screen experiences to all platforms, somewhat negating the need to pick up a Wii U.

"It's not necessarily next-generation, but it's next-generation thinking," said Key in relation to second-screens. "We want to extend the experience to whatever screen is handy. We have been looking for ways to take advantage of these second screens. Those companion apps are our first attempt at doing that."

Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed IV will launch later this year alongside companion apps.


With Ubisoft no longer investing in unique Wii U titles, the fear is that once development switches fully to the next generation the Nintendo platform will find itself without any third-party support.

Source: IGN