Ubisoft is selling over twice as many units on PlayStation 4 than Xbox One, figures from the company have revealed.

As detailed in the company's latest sales report, 36 per cent of its total Q1 sales came from PlayStation 4 titles, with Xbox One making up just 17 per cent.

The difference is almost certainly down to the launch of Watch Dogs, which sold almost 50 per cent of its copies on PS4 during its opening week and was heavily supported by Sony.

However, the percentage for both platforms has more than doubled since Ubisoft's last quarter, where 13 per cent of Ubisoft's sales came from PS4 and 7 per cent from Xbox One.

Latest official figures pin Xbox One as having shipped over 5 million units since its launch last November with PlayStation 4 sales standing at over 7 million. It was revealed yesterday, meanwhile, that Watch Dogs had sold in over 8 million units.

Source: ubisoftgroup.com