Majesco Entertainment has announced Flip's Twisted World, a unique puzzle platformer coming exclusively to Wii in Q1 2010.

Flip's Twisted World places the world in the palm of players' hands as they navigate topsy-turvy environments where a flick of the Wii Remote rotates the environment 90 degrees.

"Flip's Twisted World offers a truly innovative take on the traditional platform game by sidestepping conventional design in favor of a three-dimensional, perspective-altering approach," said Gui Karyo, Executive Vice President of Operations for Majesco. "With a charismatic main character, fantastic puzzle landscapes and a unique gameplay mechanic, Flip's gives platform game fans something to look forward to in the New Year."

Players take on the role of Flip, Master Fulcrum's curious apprentice, who messes with the wrong magic artefact and gets sucked into a crazy cubed universe. In order to escape Flip must turn the entire world to reveal new paths and possibilities.

Flip's Twisted World is scheduled for release on Wii in Q1 2010.