‘Turtle boys’ are about to take over XDefiant, as Ubisoft brings in Riot Shield faction

‘Turtle boys’ are about to take over XDefiant, as Ubisoft brings in Riot Shield faction
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If you’ve been a long-time FPS player, you’re probably already familiar with the Riot Shield and how it constantly terrorizes every lobby it appears in. Unfortunately, once XDefiant Season 1 kicks off, you’ll get to experience the chaos of a match filled with ‘turtle boys’ since the newly introduced GSK faction (based on Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege) will have a Riot Shield-themed ultimate ability.

Based on Ubisoft’s XDefiant Season 1 release date trailer, the GSK faction Riot Shield will also seemingly have a certain amount of flash charges you can use to blind enemies. Over on Reddit, u/Tensu950 claimed that you’d be able to use a sidearm while the ult is active, giving you a tremendous offensive and defensive advantage. Luckily, this will only be an ultimate ability, which means you’ll only get to use the Riot Shield two to three times in each match at the most.

It’s also worth noting that XDefiant’s Phantoms faction already has its own non-ultimate Riot Shield in the form of the Blitz Shield. So even though it doesn’t have all the add-ons that GSK’s does, this spells trouble for casual players. Two different types of protective shields in the game means that turtling is about to become a huge part of the meta in Season 1.

In addition to its nightmarish ultimate ability, the GSK faction will also seemingly have a three-charge, electricity-themed basic ability. Although Ubisoft has yet to reveal how it works, you can likely use it to slow down and hinder enemies, allowing you to get kills with ease. GSK’s second basic ability, on the other hand, hasn’t been showcased yet, so you’ll have to wait until Season 1 begins to find out what it does.

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