Warner Bros. Has today released an all-new map pack for its FPS sequel FEAR 2 on Xbox 360. The new Toy Soldiers Map Pack is a free download and promises players a new multiplayer experience.

With the new map pack players are only inches tall and find themselves battling inside a pinball machine, a hospital lab and a playground sandbox.

FullTilt: Battle inside a retro 1970's era pinball machine, "Snake Fist" style! Flippers, targets, spinners and pop-bumpers provide cover for the fast paced action. Multi-level playfield and authentic sounds set the mood for destruction!

Cockroach: A blood drenched hospital room filled with heart pounding action. Climb up electrical cords, laboratory equipment and pill bottles in a tightly connected environment.

Recess: Wage mayhem from the top of a giant sandcastle to the cockpit of a toy bulldozer! Go commando and blend in with plastic army men!

There's no word on the Toy Soldiers Map Pack being released for PC and PS3.