The reaction to Tomb Raider's controversial E3 trailer has been blown out of proportion because of a "live interview that went slightly wrong," Eidos life president Ian Livingstone told an audience at GameHorizon 2012.

Livingstone says that executive producer Ron Rosenberg's "quotes were misinterpreted and blown out of proportion".

He added: "There was a momentary threat to Lara which she overcame in two seconds. The reaction has been quite extreme."

Livingstone says there has never been any intent to imply sexual assault to Lara, and he doesn't believe such themes can be dealt with in video games.

"I think about my responsibility as a developer - films can deal with these themes, but it's different in games when the user controls the action," he said. "We should be celebrating what's great about the game."

Tomb Raider will be released March 5.


Via Edge