by on Mar 21, 2006

Tomb Raider: Legend for Xbox 360 to ship on April 7

This means that the Xbox 360 version now joins the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC versions, which will also be released on April 7 across Europe. The PSP version of Tomb Raider: Legend is still without an exact release date, but is said to arrive at some point after the release of the home console versions.

Xbox 360 allows us to bring Lara to life like never before with intricately animated expressions, fluid movement and realistic abilities,” said Matt Gorman, Senior Brand Manager for Tomb Raider, “It enables us to make the Tomb Raider experience far more realistic and immersive in a next-generation, high-definition world; dynamic, lush, living realms that are wholly Tomb Raider, and that belong completely to Lara Croft, the likes of which have never been seen on any console.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend

on Gameboy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360

Lara returns in what looks to be her biggest and best adventure…

Release Date:

08 June 2006