The script of the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot has been leaked. The game will tell the story of the origin of Lara Croft and focus on her younger days.

The portion of the script made available was acquired from a voice acting audition and deals with the relationship between Croft and a 52-year old treasure hunter named Conrad Roth.

The dialogue shows a typically brash and sarcastic Croft attempting to save her friend after a wolf attack, but still showing qualities of someone who's learning the ropes.

"Lara stands up, takes a few deep breaths, She looks around the clearing before squatting down to examine the earth. Lara's eyes follow the wolf tracks leading off in one direction and she stands back up.


(Slight panic) Oh God, what am I doing?"

The full leaked script is available here.

We've already seen a younger Lara in Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation for the original PlayStation but it will be interesting to see how her character gets re-interpreted as a 21-year-old.

Unfortunately dear old Keeley Hawes won't be returning to perform as her voice actress but it does mean we'll get a fresh take on Croft.