Tomb Raider's DLC could include additional side tombs, the latest video for the game has suggested.

For a brief moment during Tomb Raider: The Final Hours Episode 5 Part 2, the camera slowly pans over a whiteboard appearing to show notes from developer Crystal Dynamics.

One note written on the bottom left of the whiteboard (pictured above) states: "AC [illegible] STATE FOR DLC SIDE TOMBS".

Take a look for yourself in the video below. The whiteboard appears at 5:33.

The note could, of course, be referring to the Challenge Tomb provided as a free pre-order bonus by participating retailers. But the fact that it's plural suggests that additional tombs could be released following the game's launch next Tuesday.

Crystal Dynamics confirmed that Tomb Raider would be receiving downloadable content during E3 last year, with the content set to release first on Xbox 360. However, the developer has yet to officially detail the content.

Square Enix declined to comment when contacted by this afternoon.


Source: Tomb Raider: The Final Hours Episode 5 Part 2