Titanfall's next title update will improve the game's frame rate on all platforms and introduce SLI support on PC, Respawn has revealed.

In addition to introducing a host of bug fixes and tweaks, Game Update 5 (which rolls out alongside the new Frontier's Edge DLC tomorrow) will feature "lots of yummy bandwidth optimizations as well as various delicious framerate optimizations [that] have been lovingly hand-crafted and squeezed into the game".

The developer adds that the PC version will also introduce "more robust multi-GPU support.... That second GPU shall no longer sit idle."

The Xbox One version has previously been criticised by some for its inconsistent frame rate, although it isn't yet clear how much of an impact the new optimisations will make or whether they come as a direct result of changes made to the console's GPU reserves.

Update 5 will also introduce the Black Market and in-game currency detailed earlier this month. For the full list of changes, head through to titanfall.com.

Look out for it on Xbox One and PC tomorrow, with an Xbox 360 update to follow at a later date.

Source: titanfall.com