Respawn has detailed the list of changes included with Titanfall's third title update due to roll out alongside the game's Expedition DLC later this month.

The update will introduce a variety of tweaks and fixes across all platforms, including the ability to name custom load-outs and display a summary of the last match inbetween games, as well as some platform-specific features, such as support for "extreme" frame rates on PC, introducing support for refresh-rates up to 144fps.

The menus will also be updated across all versions to better display the player's progress across the campaign and allow for easier tracking of the "Militia Elite Pilot" and "IMC Elite Pilot" achievements. Improvements to the Personal Stats page will help players keep track of how many times they've played and won each game mode, too.

Further balance tweaks and bug fixes are being made to the game as well, including alterations to the scoring and blast damage of exploding Titans.

To see the full list of changes, head through to the Titanfall website.

Titanfall: Expedition launches later this month on Xbox One and PC, with an Xbox 360 release following next month. To check out the latest trailer, take a look below.