Titanfall 2 to sell 9-10 million units, Battlefield 1 15 million, says EA

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EA forecasts year one sales of Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 to reach 9-10 million units and just under 15 million units, respectively.

Speaking during the publisher’s Q1 earnings call chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen explained the sales forecasts for the two major first-person shooters.

“We’ve told people that typically a Battlefield title does about 15 million in a year. Our guidance is slightly under that [for Battlefield 1], said Jorgensen. “And we hope that that excitement builds and it will clearly go through that number. But for right now, it’s slightly under that number.

“And Titanfall did a little more than 7 million units last time. It was early in the cycle and one of the few titles out there. We think it’ll do more than that, but it’s probably closer to 10 million than it is to 15 million as built into our guidance.

“So closer to 9 million to 10 million on Titanfall and just under 15 million on Battlefield 1.”

All this despite the two shooters launching just one week apart in October, and with rival shooter Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare arriving a week after Titanfall 2.

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Source: Seeking Alpha

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