TimTheTatMan is disappointed by Warzone 2, says it could learn a thing or two from Fortnite

TimTheTatMan is disappointed by Warzone 2, says it could learn a thing or two from Fortnite
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TimTheTatMan, one of the most prominent streamers and advocates for Warzone 2, is disappointed by the current state of the game. In a recent stream highlight video, entitled ‘[Fortnite] Ruined Gaming,’ he likens the battle royale to being given socks for Christmas instead of the shiny new console that was promised.

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He then goes on to explain the reason for this comparison, stating that he’s disappointed and that the reason for his constant anger and yelling when playing the game comes from a place of sadness. Afterwards, he utters the following phrase that caused plenty of reactions from his stream chat: “I wonder if Fortnite ruined the gaming industry.”

Naturally, the viewers watching the stream started sending messages with various exclamations and questions regarding the statement. Since Fortnite tends to be one of the more divisive titles currently on the market, the responses aren’t entirely unexpected.

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However, he goes on to explain what he meant by saying that no other developer will ever come close to what Fortnite does. “It’s like we got to experience first-class flying – I dare even say flying on a private jet – with Fortnite,” the popular stream further says. He then follows-up with examples of how Epic Games has constantly appeased its player base with its in-game events, constant updates, and constant feedback.

Finally, he mentions his issues with CoD devs in the following statement: “I want everyone working on Call of Duty to approach the game like how everyone works on Fortnite.” Some stream commenters predictably don’t agree with the streamer’s sentiment, stating that it’s because Fortnite caters to children.

Although the viewers are seemingly split when it comes to the content creator’s thoughts, TimTheTatMan does make a good point with how consistently Epic Games has provided fresh content to its community. Whether the Warzone 2 devs decide to follow suit or not remains to be seen, but the one thing that does remain certain is that Fortnite will continue to remain relevant in pop culture due to its consistent popularity.