Skybound has stated that there are “no plans” for a fifth season of The Walking Dead Game (via Nintendo Life).

Rumours had been rumbling that the publisher was rustling up another season of the very successful series, and it would be titled “A Fatal Frontier.” Originally developed by Telltale Games, the adaptation was set in the same area and the same time as the comic book series—Macon, Georgia, after the onset of a zombie apocalypse. The player would interact with fellow survivors, with their choices causing permanent consequences in the episodic stories. The heroine Clementine, who is only a young child in the first season and becomes a hardened teenager by the fourth season, has received praise for her characterisation and strength throughout the series.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season was the fourth season of the adaptation, yet, Telltale Games closed its doors in late 2018. That left only 25 developers to complete the three remaining episodes of The Final Season, and SKybound scrambled to help out those developers and gain experience for its own Skybound Games publishing division. The ending of The Walking Dead Game is bittersweet, in more ways than one, but Skybound Games will not continue Clementine’s story after the end of the fourth season. 

“I never say never in these parts, but how close can you get to zero? Especially in these crazy times, very unlikely. Taking over development to finish Season 4 was crazy, especially for us since we’re not a development house,” he told fans. Well, that’s that. 

The Walking Dead Game is out now for PC, Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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