Did you see that nature program last night? The one with Michael Shattenborough on the trail of the feared Solid Snake? Or how about that crazy police videos show, where they uncovered the crime-ridden Liberty City? No? Maybe you were watching some old science films about a substance called Nectar?

Fear not, for in the very first episode of The VideoGamer Show, we have collated these gems together for your viewing pleasure! In the coming weeks, you can expect plenty more epic stories, ill-fated dramas, and always the finest gaming reports - finished with a healthy dollop of satire!

So sit back, enjoy the show, and see just why Britain's got talent is going through a rather dry spell.

On Episode One of The VideoGamer Show



Metal Gear Online



Iron Man

UEFA Euro 2008

Mario Kart Wii


Wii Fit

If you haven't already done so click here for The VideoGamer Show: Episode One. Look out for episode two in early June.

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