At CES 2019, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan unveiled the official PlayStation 5 logo. It’s almost exactly like the PlayStation 4 logo, except now there’s a “5” on the end instead (via Venture Beat).

Arriving in holiday 2020, the next-generation console will possess a custom-built eight core AMD Ryzen chipset and seriously significant SSD storage system. This will let PlayStation 5 games attain beautiful incredible 8K resolutions and buttery smooth 120Hz refresh rates—Sony showed off Spider-Man swinging through the streets of Manhattan with next to no buffering whatsoever. Ray tracing capabilities will bring a new iteration of visual fidelity to gaming experiences, and adaptive triggers on the PS5 controller increases immersion with differing levels of resistance.

All this excitement, all this promise, and the logo is almost exactly like the PlayStation 4. Well, I suppose it’s faithful to the generations that came before, and their success is the reason that Sony is able to augment and experiment with the new hardware. The console itself looks wacky, with a giant V-shaped chunk bitten out of it like a plasticky confection. What about its launch catalogue? The company has been reticent to confirm anything, but we know that Godfall from Gearbox and an unnamed title from Bluepoint Studios are PS5 exclusives. EA has revealed that Battlefield 6 is a next-generation game, and Watch Dogs: Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Gods and Monsters will touch down on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

In other CES news, the PlayStation 4 has shipped 106 million units and PlayStation VR headset has hit a new milestone with five million units sold. 103 million monthly active users and 38.8 million PS Plus subscribers have bought 1.15 billion games worldwide. A strong showing, to be sure. 

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