The next God of War might be on its way, teases Sony animator

The next God of War might be on its way, teases Sony animator
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The next God of War game seems to be in development at SIE Santa Monica Studio, as hinted by a photo posted by one of the developers (via Push Square).

Cory Barlog, creative director of the 2018 game, is brimming with ideas on where the next bonding trip for the father-son duo could go. His imagination was “too ambitious” to be contained in a DLC offering, and so it seemed that Barlog’s brainstorms would lie on the cutting room floor. However, we spied that SIE Santa Monica Studio was staffing up to produce a game with “high quality characters, gods, creatures, and props.” The team also needed someone who was well-versed in “martial arts or dance.” Those listings sounded very godlike and warlike, and the God of War PlayStation 4 theme included a clue that translated into, “Ragnarok is coming.”

Upon its release, God of War did unbelievably well. It’s the fastest-selling entry in the series, eclipsing God of War III with ease, and has sold over ten million copies as of last year. It would be strange for Santa Monica Studio to check out of Kratos’ story after its critical and commercial success, and it seems that the company is cracking on with the next game. Narrative animator Kim Newman posted a photo of herself posing in a motion-capture suit