The Last of Us Remastered's trophies are "identical to the PS3 original", but double-dippers will still be able to double up on trophies thanks to the game having its own trophy set, the first hands-on preview has revealed.

Game Informer's report reveals a host of new information about the game further to this morning's leaks, confirming that PS3 players won't be able to carry over their existing saves and detailing the use of the DualShock 4's touchpad and speaker.

The speaker, for example, will now play back audio recordings and make an audible click whenever the torch is turned on and off, while the touchpad is used to open Joel's backpack.

The report also claims that The Last of Us Remastered features "instant load times", although whether the initial lengthy load remains is still unclear. Motion blur is said to have been reduced, too, while environments "look crisper" than they ever did before. "It looks spectacular," the site says.

Elsewhere, a separate report on Eurogamer claims that the game will also include a Photo Mode similar to Infamous: Second Son's that allows players to manipulate the camera and apply a filter.

The Last of Us Remastered launches in the UK on August 1. Want to see what trophies you'll be able to unlock? Head through here.