The Last of Us Remastered can run at native 4K on PS4 Pro

The Last of Us Remastered can run at native 4K on PS4 Pro
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The Last of Us Remastered will include an option to run at native 4K on PS4 Pro, according to a new video report by Digital Foundry editor Richard Leadbetter.

Reporting back from this week’s PlayStation Meeting, Leadbetter explained that he had been told by Naughty Dog that the 30fps mode featured in the current PS4 game will actually be enhanced to run at native 4K resolution on PS4 Pro, significantly higher than its current 1080p resolution.

The Last of Us Remastered “clearly wasn’t running at native 4K on the demo they were showing,” he says in the report. “They could do the HDR toggles on/off, they could turn off and turn on 1080p and yeah, you could see the difference there. But it was actually talking to the developer that things really became interesting.

“The PS4 version has that 30Hz mode which has higher-resolution shadow maps but otherwise it’s just a locked 30fps. Now that mode on the PS4 Pro, well you keep the enhanced shadow map detail but you also get native 4K. So we have actually got a confirmed case of full native 4K game that will be available for PS4 Pro at launch, which will be The Last of Us Remastered.”

Performance of The Last of Us Remastered’s standard 60fps mode will also be improved when playing on the PS4 Pro, Leadbetter reports, to help provide a more consistent frame rate.

The Last of Us Remastered is the second game to be confirmed to feature a native 4K option on PS4 Pro. Yesterday, Bethesda revealed that The Elder Scrolls Online can also be rendered at native 4K on the PS4 Pro.

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Source: Digital Foundry – PlayStation 4 Pro: Hands-On First Impressions