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The Last of Us Part 1 PC glitches are even more horrifying than the Clickers

The Last of Us Part 1 screenshot of Ellie holding a rifle
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Players getting their hands on The Last of Us Part 1’s troubled PC release this week have been posting images & footage of the game’s glitches.

While the smash hit’s PC release should’ve been cause for celebration, the launch has been marred with a number of technical issues causing the rapid release of a number of patches already for the game.

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Many of the issues players have reported have been graphical – with textures not applying properly, and characters faces looking deformed and discoloured – especially when it comes to hair.

Some of the glitches are amusingly inconsistent – Twitter user MollyDaTrolley has posted a few examples where Joel has no eyebrows, while Ellie has almost comically large eyebrows. According to them, they were posted by users playing the game on Steam Deck.

Over on the The Last of Us Subreddit, players have also been noting a mysterious bug where character models are getting wet for no reason, making the game appear to be taking place in Atlantis.

Finally, another amusing glitch has seen the game spawn multiple copies of Ellie, which although we’re sure would be useful, isn’t quite how we remember the story (unless Ellie had a secret twin.)

Naughty Dog are already hard at work to fix these glitches, of course – and at the time of writing have released two patches in the space of two days following the game’s initial PC launch.

According to its own Known Issues page, Naughty Dog has said it’s prioritising the following issues:

  • Loading shaders takes longer than expected
  • Performance and stability is degraded while shaders are loading in the background
  • Older graphics drivers leads to instability and/or graphical problems
  • Game may be unable to boot despite meeting the minimum system requirements
  • A potential memory leak
  • Mouse and camera jitter for some players, depending on hardware and display settings

The Last of Us Part 1 is available now on PC and PlayStation 5.

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The Last of Us: Part I

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The Last of Us: Part I

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