The Last Guardian might not release in 2013 either

The Last Guardian might not release in 2013 either
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Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has refused to confirm that The Last Guardian will release during 2013, stating that he won’t commit to a release date to avoid fan disappointment.

“No, sorry, I can not say that …,” Yoshida said (translated by Google) when asked by Jeux Video whether he could confirm that Team Ico’s hugely delayed adventure will release next year.

“Because the last time we talked about a date for The Last Guardian, we finally disappointed many people.

“But I can tell you that the team is working hard on the project, including the engine. It is precisely because the teams working on the technical aspect of the game that we have nothing concrete to show you today. So now I’m waiting for the right time to introduce you to The Last Guardian and speak with confidence of a release date.”

The Last Guardian was announced during Sony’s E3 2009 press conference almost three and a half years ago. The game was initially dated for release during 2011, but later pushed back to 2012.

However, besides a few screenshots, the game hasn’t been seen since its initial unveiling, and to make matters worse, the game’s director Fumito Ueda left Sony in November 2011. The game’s trademark was seemingly ‘abandoned’ in August 2012, too.

At this rate, though, there’s no telling when the game may eventually show. Could The Last Guardian end up being a PS4 title…?

Source: Jeux Video