The King of Fighters XV reveals first of 12 fighters coming as DLC

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SNK Corp has announced the DLC plans for upcoming beat-em-up The King of Fighters XV, with 12 fighters coming over the game’s first year.

There’ll be four separate teams in the DLC, each made up of three fighters per team just like the factions in the main game. Team Garou and Team South Town have been revealed as the first two teams, with details of the second two teams to come later in the year.

Team Garou is first up, leading with Rock Howard. He was raised by Terry Bogard himself, but is the son of Fatal Fury antagonist Geese Howard and uses a combo of both their moves. Gato is next, who’s described as cold and calculated. Finally, B. Jenet is the leader of the Lillen Knights, who are a band of pirates. They’ll arrive in March 2022.

Following that, the next group continues the Fatal Fury connection in a big way. Named Team South Town, all three members have previously appeared in SNK’s other series. They include Billy Kane, Ryuji Yamazaki and the aforementioned Geese Howard. That pack is set to arrive in May.

We don’t know much about the last two The King of Fighters XV DLC packs just yet. However, we do know they’ll land in Summer and Autumn respectively. There’ll be more details on those closer to their release. In the meantime, the first two packs will be available separately or in the Team Pass 1 & Deluxe Editions.

You can check out a trailer for the DLC for yourself down below. The King of Fighters XV arrives on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and PC on February 17.


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