The First Descendant’s icons look eerily similar to Destiny’s

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If you thought The First Descendant reminded you of an incredibly popular game, than you’d be right in thinking that. The looter shooter doesn’t have a huge mass of games in it. There’s Destiny, Warframe, Helldivers and a few others that haven’t quite made it, but Nexon’s latest looks like one of the more promising challengers to the status quo. However, it looks like its riding on Destiny’s coattails a little too closely, especially with how similar the icons look in both games.

Forbes recently published an article bringing the similarities to light: “One would be a coincidence, maybe, but there are many, and this is without checking more than a low % of all the icons in the game,” Paul Tassi writes.

Image via Forbes.

With Bungie and Destiny having been around for much longer than The First Descendant, it’s clear that the game is a tentpole in Nexon’s design of its own. Even though it leans more on the side of Warframe for gameplay, its visual aesthetics are certainly imbued with Bungie’s own style. This is especially apparent in weapon design too, also featuring stark similarities to Destiny. The Different Dream looks incredibly similar to the design of the Ikelos SN 1.03,

The Different Dream / Ikelos SN 1.03, from The First Descendant and Destiny respectively.

Before the game had launched, it was faced with its first question – why does the promotional art look so similar to Destiny’s Ghost?

With the Palworld plagiarism controversy still pretty fresh, it’s quite disappointing to see yet another breakout success having to lean on the work of others to make it. Reactions to both Palworld and The First Descendant have also unfortunately erred on the side of “and what?” I think this is the most disturbing thing from it all. Less so much that Nexon may be copying Destiny’s designs, but that people don’t care about it.

VideoGamer has reached out to Nexon for comment.

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