Following on from it’s distinctly 80’s themed trailers, Agents of Mayhem's latest takes a turn for the modern era, albeit with a hint of Arabian nights to spice up affairs. In this trailer, three new characters are introduced to the fray: Scheherazade, Oni and Pierce Washington. Each has their own special abilities, from speed, to deadly aim, to an irresistible musical force. Yes, really.

The first new character is Scheherazade, a melee-focused assassin who’s able to vanish into thin air due to her sheer speed (although I preferred her in One Thousand and One Nights). Next up is Oni, who's the son of a Japanese businessman and formerly of the Yakuza, wearing a mempo mask that strikes fear into his targets, before he dispatches them with deadly aim. Finally there's Pierce Washington, the ridiculously-cliched, wannabe hip-hop star aka Kingpin, who lulls his enemies into a sing-a-long they’ll never walk away from. Together they're known as ‘The Firing Squad’.

This is a much more muted affair in comparison to the other recent trailers, focusing more on the abilities of the new characters and without the over-reliance on explosions as seen in the recent Magnum P.I. influenced trailer.

The release date for Agents of Mayhem is coming soon, so it won’t be long until this series of reveal trailers has come to a close, and hopefully giving you a better idea of which squad you should go with.

Agents of Mayhem is out for the PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 18.