The Finals fans DON’T want this hilariously overpowered strat fixed

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The Finals community, while relatively new, has quickly established a preferred meta, with players standing firm behind their favourite weapons. But lately it seems the community have grown fond of a certain strat that seems overpowered, but has made for hilarious results.

Over on The Finals subreddit, a user by the name of Eldris69 has shared a short clip of them making what the community has called something akin to ‘nukes’ by fusing together explosive barrels in the world to a number of C4 charges and other gadgets before detonating their makeshift bomb. The subsequent explosions are not only powerful enough to punch a hole in the scenery, but also obliterate any unfortunate soul in the way. Rather than calling for such a powerful tactic to be nerfed, the user actually has named the threads “Nukes are OPd, pls don’t fix,” as their request to developer Embark Studios.

“Ah yes, a nuke that’s actually worthy of the mantra of “nuclear warhead” says TheOpinionMan2. “Haters will say it’s OP” retorts BuhamutZeo – and it certainly seems the community are in agreement that the makeshift nukes are powerful weapons indeed, but also entertaining to boot. “Honestly, this is hilarious” says Chazmina. “I love seeing people stack s**t on chairs and whip them at people.”

However, plenty of people look as if they’re adjusting their tactics in order to counter these nukes. “I’ve actually started to run as a Medium with my APS turret thing also on a throwable. It’s so f*****g hilarious seeing the nukes fail now” reveals Sunnz31. Some others have noted some flaws with the nuke strat too. “I mean those monstrosities take a while to assemble and then you have to carry that thing around,” points out sirsaltysteez. “You also have to pretty much waste all of your team wide utility just for the chance to kill at least 1 person,” notes SadFlicker.

For now, The Finals community will be enjoying blowing up as many of their opponents as they can while they can. We’ll see if the meta changes as the months roll on. For more on The Finals, check out our The Finals beginners guide – our 7 tips and tricks to master the game show.

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