The Division’s Public Test Server (PTS) has up ‘till now only been available to PC users, well that’s all changing from today. Rolling out alongside the game’s 1.7 update. Ubisoft has confirmed via Twitter that invites are being sent out to Xbox One and PS4 players in Europe, later on today. The PTS will give players access to game tweaks and adjustments before they’re released to the general public.

Limited to just 20,000 players across both of the consoles, invites will only be sent to those who have been playing the game during the last thirty days and are at the end-game. If you’ve been successful, then you should receive an email with a code that’ll enable you to download the PTS client, allowing you to get involved in testing future updates.

Update 1.7 PTS also introduces new encrypted caches to the game, available from the premium vendor. These contain unique items that can change your avatar's appearance, emotes and skins. To open these caches, you’ll need to use a cipher key. which can be obtained in one of two ways, finding ten key fragments out in the game world, or via a real cash transaction. 

To check out the full patch notes, as well as more information on the PTS, check out Ubisoft’s forum post on the matter.

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