Ubisoft has revealed that The Division will get its 1.7 update on PS4, Xbox One and PC from August 15. The main feature of this update will be the Global Events system, which offers players a new event each month where they can acquire new gear and items. During these events a global modifier will be in place which affects all PvE encounters. Also announced were the introduction of a new achievement system called Commendations and Encrypted Caches.

The first Global Event, Outbreak, will be available when Update 1.7 goes live and will be populated by infected NPCs. The Outbreak event will automatically enable the modifier Rotten to the Core, which causes enemies heads to explode when they’re killed with a headshot causing bleed damage to enemies close by. Other modifiers can also be enabled which will make the event harder, but increase the opportunity for better rewards.

When players complete quests during Global Events they’ll be rewarded with Global Events Tokens which can be exchanged with a new vendor at the Base of Operations for exclusive vanity items and caches.

Another new addition to update 1.7 is the new Classified Gear Sets, whereby players can earn stronger and more effective versions of the game's current Gear Sets. The new Commendations achievement system enables players to earn vanity items, called Patches, which they can equip to their character to show off their progress.

The final feature is the introduction of Encrypted Caches these are boxes that you can get from the Premium Vendor and will contain unique items, emotes and skins. To get into these caches, the player will need to use a Cipher Key which can either be crafted by finding 10 key fragments scattered around the game world, or bought with real money. Yep, sounds like loot crates to me.

The official patch notes will be available on August 14 from The Division website. Update 1.7 will follow on August 15 for all platforms alongside the new Global Event, Outbreak.

The Division is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.