Ubisoft has announced that its online only first-person shooter, Tom Clancy’s The Division, will be getting a free weekend from September 14-17. This free weekend is only for the PC version of the game, and grants players ‘full access to the base game’s content,’ so that doesn’t include any of the DLC that would come with the season pass. The standard and Gold editions of the game will be getting a discount as part of the promotion, though Ubisoft hasn’t detailed how much this will be. If players choose to buy the game at any point over the course of the free play period, all of their progress and achievements will carry over into the full game.

The free weekend is a promotional push to build anticipation for the free Resistance update that’s coming in autumn. Resistance will bring two new game modes and a whole new area to explore in West Side Pier, which is spread across two zones. This content will be accessible to all players, whether they’ve got the season pass or not.

Resistance is also the name of the new PvE mode in The Division, and it’s essentially a horde mode. Skirmish is the second mode that’ll be coming to Resistance, and this is a PvP mode where players duke it out in groups of 4v4 in confined areas suited to smaller battles. The update will see the inclusion of a new social hub, and a number of changes made to gear and crafting in game.

The Division came out on PS4, Xbox One and PC back in March 2016 to decent reviews. The Resistance 1.8 update is currently scheduled to release sometime in autumn.