Ubisoft has revealed more details for The Division’s 1.8 update, which is due in late 2017. Update 1.8 is referred to as Resistance and will be biggest free update that’s come to The Division so far.

Resistance comes with two new game modes and a whole new area to explore in West Side Pier, which is spread across two zones and will be accessible to all players whether they have the season pass or not.

Resistance is also the name of the new PvE mode in The Division. Essentially it’s a horde mode where players can go solo or team up to battle waves of oncoming enemies. Skirmish is the new PvP mode, where players can do battle in a 4v4 mode with no AI assistance and no objectives, other than killing the other team within a set time limit. Skirmish takes place in smaller maps, which have been designed with team deathmatch in mind.

There will also be the addition of a new social hub called Camp Clinton, where players can change their gear and meet up with other agents before ‘taking the fight to West Site Pier’. The Resistance update will also bring some improvements to the Underground DLC and adjustments to the gear system that’ll enable players to improve the stats on their favourite gear.

You can read more about Resistance update 1.8 on The Division blog. Patch notes for the Resistance update will be revealed closer to release.

The Division is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Resistance 1.8 update is currently scheduled to release sometime in autumn. 

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