A Ubisoft release schedule released this morning states that The Division and The Crew are still due in 2014.

The Crew was subject to a recent delay, whereas The Division was announced to slacked-jaws and gasps at last year's E3 and then vanished off the face of the planet.

There has been much speculation that The Division may not make to to market this year, and while there's every chance it could still slip, Ubisoft seems to be sticking to 2014 for now.

While it seems likely The Crew will be released this year, we wouldn't be surprised if Ubisoft quietly moves The Division to 2015. Another Assassin's Creed will pop up at some point, plus the French-based publisher has Watch Dogs to get out the door. Given the excitement for Ubisoft Massive's IP, it'd be utter madness to rush it.

Source: Ubisoft Release Schedule.