It was never going to take long, but it has happened sooner than most people expected and hoped. The first game to feature the Crazy Frog (well, the first official game that doesn't involve high-powered rifles) will be released in Europe this November (rest of the world in 2006). Crazy Frog Racer is due for PC and PlayStation 2 and will be released by Digital Jesters.

"This is the deal everyone wanted," enthuses Leo Zullo, marketing director and co-founder, Digital Jesters. "Given the competition, we're obviously proud to have secured this deal, which will offer Digital Jesters exciting opportunities from Christmas onwards. We're working with Wallaroo to develop our own intellectual property within the Crazy Frog universe, capitalising on the colossal success of the ubiquitous character. We've continually hinted that big things were just around the corner at Digital Jesters, and they don't get much bigger than this."

"Out of everyone we were discussing the deal with, only Digital Jesters showed the passion, excitement and enthusiasm we demand from our partners to do what is necessary to evolve this special character," adds Stefan Heinemann, director, Wallaroo Licensing Company. "Digital Jesters moved quickly and with great fervour. We're confident Digital Jesters will ensure Crazy Frog dominate the games charts this Christmas."

As an indication of quality (wild speculation) the game will retail at the budget price of £19.99, making it one of the favourites for the Christmas No.1. It's rare that this thought crosses my mind, but come on EA, please beat this thing for the No.1 spot. If news on the game isn't bad enough, the frog will be releasing more singles soon and an album before the end of the year. I'm not waiting for the inevitable spin-off TV show and breakfast cereal. I'm off to dig a hole in my garden and live underground until it all blows over. Bing!