At this year's E3 Sony showed off a gameplay demo of its action-adventure survival horror, Days Gone.Taking place in the rain, at night, the demo showed the protagonist Deacon St. John shooting at a pack of wolves, getting knocked off his bike, engaging in some combat and planning an attack on an enemy outpost. 

There was another version of this demo shown behind closed-doors, showing off the game’s dynamic events, and Sony has now released this version for all and sundry to see for themselves.

This ‘alternate’ demo — narrated by the game’s creative director John Garvin, and the actor who voices Deacon Sam Witwer — takes the same route, at first, but in different snowy weather and during the day,to show off how the dynamic environment affects the ways threats can be approached.

In the alternate playthrough, we see Deacon stopping to avoid being clotheslined off his motorbike, and surveying the area ahead before taking a different route. What follows is a completely different experience to the initial demo. With the snowy weather affecting the handling of the Drifter bike, wildlife appearing at different times of the day, and the Freakers becoming stronger in different weather conditions, Days Gone is touted as a game where each player's experience will be unique.

Garvin and Witwer discuss the different ways this demo could have turned out, talking about the effect of the dynamic events on the environment, and how this ever-changing world impacts on the player’s experience of the game.

Take a look for yourself, it’s looking pretty swanky.

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