Tetsuya Mizuguchi starts exclusive blog

Ian Clements Updated on by

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Ah, blogs. They really are everywhere these days, pretty much the only guarantee you have of anyone reading yours above the countless other, angsty entries out there is to either be a celebrity or have something worthwhile to say ( unfortunatly the two no longer need to exist together anymore ).

We’re always interested in blogs from noted Developers though, so it is observed with some interest that the man behind Rez has started a blog for 1up.com. In the first entry he ruminates on his favourite gadgets; a Sony Vaio, a Nikon camera and an iPod, and also, somewhat unsurprisingly, reveals he enjoys playing Lumines on the PSP during flights.

He goes on to enthuse about the PSP’s Wi-Fi capablities, and, curiously, discuss why chewing gum lost its popularity in Japan.

The first entry can be found here – http://mizuguchi.1up.com/