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Tetris Effect on Epic Games Store needs SteamVR to play it in VR

Update, July 25, 4.12pm:

Tetris Effect publisher Enhance contacted Eurogamer to clarify that the VR version does not need SteamVR when using the Oculus Rift, because the Oculus SDK is compatible. As you were.

Original story, July 24, 5.14pm:

Tetris Effect released on PC yesterday, exclusively on the Epic Games Store, but you actually need SteamVR if you want to play it in VR. Excellent.

Epic confirmed, in a statement to DSOgaming, that to play Tetris Effect in VR on PC via the HTC Vive or Oculus, it would require its direct competitor’s software. However, you don’t need to log in to Steam to use SteamVR; all the software does is link Valve’s OpenVR API to the player’s headset. It’s still a spicy bit of drama though. Perhaps Epic will create its own VR software to avoid fraternising in the future.

For the 2D version of the game, none of this applies, naturally. Publisher Enhance and The Tetris Company said that the PC port is ‘the ultimate version’ of Tetris, boasting an uncapped framerate, 4K resolution and above, support for ultrawide monitors and other graphical options absent on the PS4. Josh thought the console version was amazing just the way it was and named it one of his Games of the Year last year


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Tetris Effect

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31 December 2018