Tesco was responsible for one third of all GTA 5 sales in the UK during the game's first two weeks on release, The Grocer reports.

As a result of the huge interest in GTA 5, Tesco managed to increase its entertainment market share from 11.9 per cent during the 12 weeks ending September 30 in 2012 to 17.1 per cent during the same period this year. Asda also recorded a 2.3 percentage point rise to 12.1 per cent. Sainsbury's and Morrisons were static.

"Tesco has been the big winner of the release of GTA 5," Kantar strategic insight director Fiona Keenan stated.

"Asda and GAME also benefited, both growing their shares compared with last year."

Keenan notes that GAME and Amazon are leading the way with PS4 and Xbox One pre-orders, and believes the specialist retailers will be where consumers look for advice in the run up to launch.

Supermarkets will suffer at the next generation launches unless Microsoft and Sony can get extra stock to fill shelf space.

Source: The Grocer via MCV