A press release regarding a new Batman: The Telltale Series edition was published and then withdrawn last week.

Athlon Games published the press release (via Gematsu), which detailed the new version of the popular Telltale Batman series, and then withdrew it. It described a “sinister new look” for the game—“a noir-style” redesign.

For players who already own the series, the new “Shadows Mode” can be bought for $5 and added onto the game. In the now-withdrawn release, the CEO of Telltale Games, Jamie Ottilie, said, “We’re excited to be able to build and continue the legacy of an iconic Telltale Games franchise by launching The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition today.”

He then went on to say, “This is just the beginning in a much more expansive plan to build on our catalog of Telltale Games titles, which we hope to discuss in further detail in the coming months.”

It’s unclear exactly why the press release has been taken down; it could be that the release schedule for the DLC, or the format it will take, has changed at the last minute.

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