Lionhead wants you to give feedback on the features seen in Fable. The dev studio is also asking for some comments on what type of Fable player you are.

"What's new? We've posted a community call! Or a more popular term would be a survey. We've been doing these for a while, back in 2004 when we asked you for Hero titles for the original Fable on Xbox. We then did it again with Fable II and asked for your insults. And a couple more times too," reads the post on Lionhead's website.

"To begin with, I think it'd be great to know from our own little community what people rank as their favourite features. We have some great Fable champions on our forums and there is a lot of knowledge out there, so it would be great if you could take the time to rate. Sure we could try and digest 1,000,000 forum posts and come up with the data that way, but it would take way too long and so it isn't very efficient. Secondly, it's a call out to the wider gaming community to hear how you rank your Fable games' features."

Head over to to take part in the survey and play a small part in the shaping of future Fable titles.